Angular 7 Interview Questions

Angular 7 was released by Google on 18th October 2018 which is capable to supports typescript 3.1, RxJS and node 10. This has enabled various platforms to dive into the segment and for which they are actively hiring potential candidates. If you are looking for the options to set your foot in the industry then a perfect set of Angular 7 interview questions and answers will definitely help you. If you want to crack your interview then you can go through some tricks and tips regarding the same. In this article, we are presenting some of the highly considered Angular 7 interview questions.

Most Frequently Asked Angular 7 Interview Questions And Answers

Angular 7 is the updated version of angular, on the other hand, AngularJS was the first version which is also known as Angular 1.0. angular 7 has the latest and rewritten version of AngularJS and it supports two-way data binding along with with the features like angular elements, ng update, ng add, Angular material + CDK components, angular material starter components, library support, Tree shakable providers, animation performance improvements, RxJS v6 and so on.

Angular 7 is written in typescript which is also a JavaScript-based framework supporting MVC framework. Developed by Google the type of its forms are-

  • Reactive forms
  • Template-driven forms
Angular Angular JS
It is based on service and controller. AngularJS is entirely based upon the MVC architecture.
It uses the typescript to build an application. It uses JavaScript to build up any application.
It follows the components based upon UI approach. It follows the controller concept.
It provides a mobile-friendly framework. It cannot be said as a mobile-friendly framework.
With this technology, one can easily create an SEO friendly application in no time It is not easy to create SEO friendly application in Angular JS

Angular is a typescript based open-source framework that facilitates web development. As a platform, it extensively used to build mobile or web-based applications and its major features include dependency injection, end to end tooling, declarative templates and many more. All of these features contribute to making the web development easy for mobile or desktop application build up. Its other features are-

  • Accessibility applications which allow creating various accessible applications using the ARIA enabled components
  • The intuitive API of angular allows the creation of high-performance and supreme animation timelines
  • It supports the command-line interface tools which can be used to add the components or for instant deploying
  • It can be used to build a powerful desktop and progressive web application
  • Declaration: It is used to create the directives available to other directives in the current module. Selectors of the directives are only declared if the components are made against their HTML source.
  • Providers: It is used to accessing services and values which are known to the DI and they are added to the root scope while injecting in other services or directives having the same dependency.
  • Import: It makes the exported declarations available for another module in any current module